Saturday, October 28, 2017

Educating the eyes of the vulture

I have done a few exercises in "vulture mode", lately. It gives a clear idea of what the problem is.

White to move
3r2k1/5p2/1p5p/p1qb4/5R2/P1N1p1P1/1P2P2P/2Q3K1 w - - 1 1

I circled above this position for a few hours. I have dived into a few tunnels now and then, but I always managed to get back to circling again. So I could avoid to get stuck in a tunnel. Yet I wasn't able to guide my attention into the right direction. I totally missed the zwischenzug.

That perfectly cuts out my work for me. During the flight of the vulture, my attention must be guided by the tree of scenarios. Apparently, almost nothing of the tree has been internalized, so far.

Maybe the culprit for that is that I tried to do two things at the same time: developing the tree of scenarios and internalizing it. Now the tree of scenarios has reached some maturity, I can focus on the latter aspect alone.

The pictures I made in order to summarize the tree of scenarios are too compact to be useful as of yet.  I'm simply not familiar enough with the scenario's. That's why I plan a series of diagrams with the scenarios written out fully. For the diagram above:

Move 1: Immobilize the bishop by pinning it.
Move 2: Add attackers to attack the immobilized piece.
Move 3: Gain a tempo by the double function move that frees the rook and attacks the king in one go.

It is the double function move that gives white the edge.

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

As the vulture flies

Thanks to Ophelia we have summer-like temperatures lately. Which makes it attractive to work in the garden in the weekends. Despite the global warming, the evenings have become darker every day though, while the winter solstice nears. It is not doable to work in the garden in the dark, so more and more times becomes available for other matters. For instance for thinking about chess.

Robert mentioned a point which has to be clarified, some day. Maybe it is good to give this some attention before I dive head first in the matters which we have talked about lately again.

That point is about to investigate what happens when we stay circling like a vulture while looking at a position, in stead of diving into the first tunnel that smells to road kill time and again. It will require quite some mental discipline to withstand the old habits, of course, so it is actually some kind of meditation. I will give it a try and see what happens.

Sunday, October 08, 2017

Pulling a thread

I followed the DuKan diet for over two years. It is low carb and low fat. I lost 24 kg. But now I'm stalling. Since I ate a lot of meat because of the diet, I started to get bored by it. So I decided to become a flexitarian. Eating meat only once a week. To maintain that, the food must be tasty. I remember that things tasted better 40 years ago. In Holland we have a monopoly of six supermarkets. Which compete solely on price. Taste has been sacrificed long ago as being too expensive. So I want to grow my own food. And can and store it in my shed. Since my shed was a lost place, I had to empty it. Which took a few weeks. Since the landfill asked exorbitant prices to pick up the trash, I had to bring it myself. Since the pieces were to big to fit in my car, I had to shred them to pieces. Which took a few weeks. Then I had to bring it to the landfill. Which took a few weeks. My shed had a dark roof. It becomes very hot when the sun shines upon it. Which is not good for storing food. So I had to clean it and paint it white. Which took a week. I have to remove the ivy which had taken over my garden while I was blogging about chess. Which will take a few weeks. I started to look for farmers who deliver their food directly to the visiting clients. Which is an ongoing process. The coming months I will be busy to make the garden ready. So now you know why I haven't been writing about chess lately.

When the days become shorter and rainier, there probably will be moments that I cannot work in the garden. Then I will be back. So no worries.

The new diet has beans as an important component. The good news is that I'm loosing weight again. But our bed sometimes is a Dutch oven.