Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Nicknames of the Knights

I found the following names:

Mandelamaza = Don Queue
Sancho Pawnza = Oneday Governor of the Isle de la Maza
Pale Morning Dun = The Knight of the Big Sky
Pawn Sensei = The Fair Knight
Generalkaia = Der Wunderkind Knight
J'adoube = The Off-Center Knight
Celtic Death = The Dark Knight
Temposchlucker = The International Knight of Pancakes
Fussy Lizzard = The cold-blooded Knight
Yet another patzer = The International Knight of Mystery
King of the spill = The Knight Loquacious
65th square (Fatboy) = The Knight of the Round
Margriet = Princess Errant
Desperate Measures = The Knight of Last Resort
Takchess = The Knight of the Secret Country
Chessconfessions = Blue Devil Knight
Vic = Queen-less Knight
Mousetrapper = Animated Knight
Harmless = Nasty Knight
Satish Talim = Anand's Knight
RomaLavrn = Pomaranch Knight
JavaManIssa = The Prodigy Knight
Zeon - The Paradoxical Knight
Silver Dragon - The Pyrotechnic Knight
Dread Pirate Josh - The One-Eyed Knight
Guruchess - The Jovial Knight
Springer - The Hooked Knight
Phorku - The Phorking Knight
Smith Morra - The Ambitious Knight
Dutchdefence - The Wooden-Shoed Knight
Montse - The Musseled Knight
Siliconpawn - The Withdrawed Knight
Athlumney - The Exchanged Knight


  1. Celtic Death I believe has been dubbed the Dark Knight, or is it the Black knight - don't know if he would bite your knee caps :)


  2. I hadn't seen myself dubbed the cold-blooded knight before, but it sure seems fitting! :-)

  3. The Loquacious Knightis right
    or maybe Knight Loquacious?
    The difference might
    be slight
    so pick the most audacious!

  4. "Just a flesh wound!"

    I hereby dub Pal Morning Dun ... the Knight of the Big Sky.

    I hereby dub Generalkaia ... Der Wunderkind Knight.

    I hereby dub Pawn Sensei .. the Fair Knight (for he is so courteous).

    I hereby dub Takchess ... the Knight of the Secret Country.

    Sancho Pawnza is Governor of the Isle de la Maza. Well, he will be one day.

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  6. Fussy has also been referred to as the Silent Knight.

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