Sunday, February 27, 2005

The secret of the masters

A herd of buffalo's has an average speed by with they move forward.
Prairie wolfs attack only the slowest animals which are weak or sick.
In doing so, the average speed of the herd inclines.

Now scientific research has found that alcohol attacks the slowest and weakest braincells.
So by drinking alcohol you can speed up your brains.

This is proven by the fact that when you go to your local chesscafe and challenge the guy who has obviously drunk the most beers, you will be "stampeded" of the board.

Knights, I have a proposal for a modification of MDLM's program .....


  1. Yes! This is something I have always firmly believed in, but now it is being proven by science. My 81 year old grandfather has fought back alzheimers by drinking at least a pack a day since he was in his 20's.


  2. Tempo,
    On Pawn Sensai's blog you mentioned as system for memorizing games, but I didn't quite follow it. Could you explain it in a little more detail? Do you use a computer program to make the moves, and annotate it that way? And what about the diagrams, do you focus on the board position every five moves?

  3. Lol, nice post.
    But you forget something. By drinking alcohol your weakest brain cells will die. And believe me, it's better to keep them, since even the weakest chain can prove his value in certain positions.


  4. If I kill my weakest brain cells,
    then my strong cells will be the weakest, then I have to kill them to.... and so on...

  5. Logis,
    Sure, there are openings that are especially suited for weak braincells. As for example the Caro Kan or the London system against the KID. Or other openings developed by people who think that a win or a loose in a chessgame is an abnormal outcome. But because I do not intend to become world champion, I prefer my beer.

    That's the way PS'grandfather forgot his Alzheimer.

  6. I remember reading about one time Alekhine drank two bottles of wine before a simul and still went undefeated.