Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Something is rotten in Chessland

During the first three years of my quest for chess improvement I concentrated on openings and understanding of the play. I read many books about strategy and positional play.
Though my understanding and knowledge of the game grew immense I actually gained no ratingpoints at all.
After being thrown off the board by a 13 year old girl a realised there was something terribly wrong in my approach to the game.
All my intelligence, my 46 years of experience in life, my wisdom (ahem), my fine balanced discrimination, my knowledge proved to be of no use at all in the game.
So I became very intrigued by the problem what on earth IS useful for a chessplayer to play better chess.


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  3. I think you have to focus on determining why you lose when you lose a game. Do enough of this type of introspection, and I am convinced that you will begin to see patterns of poor thoughts and decisions. I lost an OTB game yesterday after having gotten a lasting advantage. This loss followed some draws where I was simply choosing the wrong plan for the particular position. In a couple of the cases, my plans would in general be ok, except for the fact that they were simply too slow. So, the first step, as I see it, for my own improvement is the identification of these weaknesses in my conduct of the game. Then, I can set about correcting them.

  4. Hello

    Just wanted to welcome you to the realm of the chess blogs. I hope that you enjoy and improve at chess at the same time. Good luck on your journey to become a better chess player.


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  7. I have been going thro' your various posts. It's heartening to note that you became a 'Knight' at 46 and that there's hope for me too, at 50!