Monday, March 28, 2005

Circle 1 finished!

I worked really hard the last days.
I just finished circle 1, level 3,4 and 5 from TCT (1680 problems in total).
It took me 8 days to accomplish this. A few years ago I have done the same course about 3 times.
So probably I don't need 7 circles now to solve every problem a tempo.

Level 3: 540 problems 96%
Level 4: 560 problems 94%
Level 5: 580 problems 75%

Where I suck is at the endgame: rook vs pawn, wrong bishop, and 7th rank rook.
I must have really talent for the endgame because I ALWAYS make the wrong move.
If I had no talent then I should sometimes make a good move statistically.


  1. Kind of like golf, where there are 3 different types of game on each hole (tee off, fairway, green), chess is composed of 3 different games: opening, middlegame, endgame. Each requires different skills. The endgame, the way I understand it, requires mathematical precision to play well. So, perhaps you are doing your math correctly, but you are doing it for your opponent! :)