Thursday, March 24, 2005

A test of the PGN to Javascript program

From Bahus I got a nice little program.
Its a program that converts a PGN-game to a HTML-file (javascript).
It's free and you can download it here

This is the result: Another wild game at Corus 2005

Tasc Chess Tutor (TCT):

Level 1 and 2: skipped, too easy, did it in the past.
Level 3: 540 problems down 1st circle
Level 4: 560 problems down 1st circle
Level 5: just started
Used time: 5 days

George Renko intensive course tactics 1: delayed.


  1. That app works great. You sure get into some messy positions ;).

  2. Either server in service or the link is broken. Only three lines of text appears, no app!?