Sunday, April 17, 2005

Am I addicted to solving chessproblems?

It starts to look like it.
Instead of enjoying a well deserved break from step 3 and 4 I already have another 200 chessproblems of step 5 "under the belt". Well, there are worse things to be addicted to.
For to gather the 168 points neccesary to be recorded in the Hall of Fame some work have to be done yet.

What's next?
First I want to finish circle 2 to 5 of TCT step 5.
Then I want to continue with the first 1350 problems of Intensive Course Tactics of George Renko. I already did 6 circles from that one. 2 or more circles should do to play tru them a tempo.
What to do after that I haven't decided yet.

I have the feeling that the 24 days I spend on step 3 and 4 already are paying off.
Step 3 and 4 of TCT consist of the very basics of tactics.
At FICS I played a few 10 minute games where I noticed that I see simple tactics much faster now.


  1. I just got TCT in the mail: it is sweet (I updated my list of Seven Circles Software to reflect it more accurately).

    Do you think it is good for the Seven Circles? Any regrets? I am leaning toward it...

  2. Blue,

    For someone who is just beginning with chess like you, I think it's the ideal choice. And yes, I think it's very well suited for the 7 circles. (you have to split the 2400 problems ofcourse). It helped Margriet from a rating of 1170 to 1417. It helped me from 1530 to 1701. And I still make use of it as you see.

  3. I recommend it for seven circles before attempting CT-ART, specifically TCT steps 4 and 5.