Saturday, April 23, 2005

In search for the Holy Grail

While I looked over the weird country I saw windmills everywhere.

A gentle breeze carried a faint smell to my nose.
It was hard to describe what it smelled like. Some strange blend of glue and fish.
Curious I followed it. On a certain moment I heard the breaking of wood.
When I came from behind the bushes I saw a guy who was demolishing a windmill.
As I came nearer he all of a sudden saw me and stopped working.
He looked at me with a frowning face and exclamated "Holy Snickeys! Long ago that we have seen a stranger here!"
Nearby there where some beans backing in a dutch oven.
I said "Good afternoon."
"I am searching for the Holy Grail. I have heard that it has to be in the neighbourhood around here."
He said "Nah, the Holy Grail? Never heard of."
I said "It's an Holy relic that was used long ago by barbarians when they worshipped their god Elo."
He frowned his green face in an attempt to think deeply, a process which hopelessly seemed to fail. "Dunno, maybe you should ask Kata."
"Where can I find him?" I asked.
He pointed along the path. "Can't miss him. He's working at the woodmill."
While he started again with his work, I walked in the direction he pointed me.
After a while I heard a guy screaming. It repeated every 30 seconds or so.
When I walked around the corner I saw a guy with impressive biceps. He was pummeling the wall of a woodmill with his bare knuckels. Everytime he hit the wall he shouted a strange word in some unknown foreign language.
"Sorry to disturb you, but I'm looking for the Holy Grail. Are you Kata?"
He stopped pummeling and looked at me. His face was a map of the world.
It was easy to imagine how such a moderate goodlooking guy should have problems to keep the 23 yo virgins from him.
"Yes, they call me Kata and yes I have heard about that. But I can't remember how and when." he said.
"Wasn't it some relic what was used in the ritus of Caissa in ancient times?" he asked.
"Of Elo." I corrected him.
He started to stare in the far distance.
From here to the horizon were windmills everywhere.

After a minute or so he sighed and said "Those windmills seems to breed at night."
I have to say I couldn't quite follow him.
A bee was buzzing around his knee in minicircles.


  1. Hmmm. . .these fellows sound strangely familiar. . .hmmm?

  2. Ha! Ha! Dutch ovens, schnikeys, minicirlces. Touchez Tempo. Touchez.

  3. Oh, and by the way. When you're done sniffing that glue, could you pass it over here?

  4. Heh, my favorite part was the bee's knees!


  5. Now this could mean several things and I really appreciate the story. A couple of observations. -- perhaps the "Windmill" is the Holy Grail of all chess tactics. "elo" apparantly has double meaning, as elohim is hebrew for god, and "ELO" is the rating which all chess players seek to improve, the bees represent the 7 circles. Although I could be in outer space. Tempo, please come up with another.