Thursday, April 28, 2005

On the move again!!!

The New Ratinglist is just published. You can find me under ID-nr 7923355. The one below me with the same name is Margriet. Look at letter S.

I have now an all time high rating of 1751 !!
Which is exact 50 points more than the 1701 from the list of februari 1st.
So the training is definitely paying off.
After plateauing for more than one year I started in october with the tactical training a la DLM.
These 50 ratingpoints improvement are gained in januari at the Corus-tournament and based on the 9 games I played there. Hence 3 month of training were the base for this result.

So only 168 - 50 = 118 more points to go to write my name in golden letters in the Hall of Eternal Fame.
Margriet with 1420 gained only 3 points, but she started much later with the program.


  1. Congratulations on your points, keep the good work =)

  2. Well done. My rating is roughly 100 p. below yours, but speeding up from my level is much easier. So the gap may shrink in the near future ...

  3. Way to go, Tempo! Pretty soon you'll be challenging that expert I saw listed there.

  4. Congrats, tempo. I will be happy to hit 1300 someday. :)

  5. Wow. BTW, I noticed something interesting. Margriet is the only woman on that whole list.