Friday, April 01, 2005


Now I'm getting somewhere.
Today I had really a good day in problemsolving.
I will try to explain what happened by translating from "High play" from Kasparov:

What 'sees' a chessmaster when he looks at the board? What does he see that other players don't see? An old French master said: "I see the chessboard like somebody sees the street whereon he walks, without giving much attention to it. When you open a drawer, you know where the things are, even if you don't see'em exactly at that moment. So is it too with the moves on the chessboard.

This is was happened to day. You know where the pieces are, without exactly seeing them. You know what fields they cover. In a flash you see the total geometrical pattern of the combination, without paying much attention to it, but you know exactly what it means.
So this is not thinking 3 plies deep, but you see all plies in 1 pattern instanteneously.

Other comparisons: a baseball player who hits the ball knows where the ball is without actually seeing it. A singer of madrigals doesn't pay much attention at his own part because that flows by itself, and so he 'has time' to listen to the other parts.

This all happens in a split second while you scan over the board and a pattern catches your attention. I hope I made myself clear.

TCT# problemscircle 1circle 2circle 3
Level 354096%97%


Level 456094%170 done.
Level 558075%..


  1. Wonder what that feels like? I suppose it has something to do with solving 16,000 exercises as none of the other knights, including don, have reported the same phenomena. I have read of "magnetic" fields, but now like this.

    You mentioned you dont play at FICS often? dang, and here I am thinking of logging in there and see If I can challenge you to a game. I would like to know more about the KG, and thought that since you are the expert on it, maybe I'll get a firsthand experience on how it is played.

    btw - I was trying to find netherlands in the map, but my map here is too small. What large country is it near of? I wanted to know the GMT time of your country so I can know the time difference between us.

  2. I know what you're saying. I've had that feeling a few times, most noteably on level 30. It's pretty satisfying.

  3. Nezha,

    About the KG, if you like to take it up seriously, I can send you my PGN-files. Those files are a selection of the book Winning with the KG from Joe Gallagher. You can simply import them in Bookup Light (free) and train with them.
    You can find my E-mailadres in the sidebar if you are interested.
    It will save you a lot of work, the most aggressive lines are selected.

    The Netherlands lies between England, Germany and France (Belgium actually) DST = GMT -2