Saturday, June 04, 2005

Do I have to invent everything myself?

Today I studied for 3 hours a position of 2 Kings and 3 pawns.
And I played it against Arena.
I just simply have not the idea that I grasp everything that's in the position, though it seems simple enough.
The position comes from Euwes endgamebook, who only give the variations.
I have the unpleasant feeling of missing something important.
Totally fed up I ordered "Secrets of pawn endings" from Muller and Lamprecht today.
288 pages solely dedicated to pawnendings. That should help to do the job.

On the other front Margriet is circleing from dawn to dusk, actually longer.
Well, in a few hours she will be graduating, so keep your best wishes ready.
By then she will have done 7 circles of TCT step 3, 4 and 5 (1680 problems) in just 83 days. Now you know why she don't blog so often!


I proudly anounce that Margriet just finished her 7 circles!!!
Congratulations, weldone!!
I am very proud and very, very glad, because I have enough from the chinese junkfood we order from Jeet Kun Rook everyday since februari. . .
Way to go!!


  1. I think if you keep at it long enough the endgame secrets will be revealed. Just think, 2 Kings and 3 pawns are much easier than 3 Kings and 2 pawns ;-).

  2. Will that be Cashew Chicken or Hunan Beef? I hear the Egg Foo Yung is fantastic! :)

  3. Congrats Margriet! Sounds like TS needs some attention now ;)