Thursday, June 02, 2005

Holy schnickeys, not easy!

I'm now studying full throttle endgame theory.
Well, I chewed for 5 hours on the diagram below.
I invented the system of corresponding squares. Which already exists, as I later found out.
(As is the old trouble with all my inventions. )

White to move and win.

The first sparks of insight in triangulation start to dawn on me.
But it's totally clear to me, this study is gonna last some time.
But at least in this position it starts to become clear that 1.Kc2 Kf4 2.Kb2! are logical moves.
To see this immediate in all situations is however a different matter!
I am curious how many persons at my club would play this correctly.
If it are very few, what I presume, then this study can be a goldmine.
The basic idea of triangulation is not so difficult, but I seem to get used to such an empty board.
It feels like acclimatisation of some kind.
Dear Caissa, please help me a little.


  1. Yes! Kc2 works best. I must have some patterns on this stored up in my brain, because I found it almost immediately.

  2. Nice position. I think I'm going to put that in Pawn and practice it. Currently I practice two Philidor positions, three Lucena positions, a handful of king vs pawn, and a couple of endings from won games that I almost lost. Thanks TS.


  3. *sniff* *wipes tear* That was beautiful.