Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Muddling through

Before using my new scansystem:
Computer level: 6 ply deep.

Win = 0
Draw = 0
Loss = 35

Since using my new system:

Win = 1
Draw = 8
Loss = 6

I gave the Chess Tactics Server a try.
Very nice done and a good program.
But it interferes with the training I'm doing right now.
The program rewards speed at the cost of accuracy.
Since I'm trying to learn not to blunder and to play accurate now I have to delay such training for speed.
Immediate after I did excersises at the Chess Tactics Server I lost to the computer the next game because I played too fast.

I'm trying to play faster then G/60 but that doesn't work yet.
My performance drops immediately.
I'm experimenting with the order: First looking for targets and then for attackers or the reverse.

Does chess effect the sanity of the mind in a negative way?
No, it keeps mad people sane.


  1. Hi there Temposchlucker!
    I was told to tell you my rating. It´s 1344. This rating is based on the one tournament I have played so far at the Spring Championships 2005 at the gothenburg based club SS Manhem.
    Thank you for your time and hope to here from you soon.

  2. I have put you on the list. I had a look on the website of the Schacksälskapet Manhem. I goodn't quite figure it out if the rating listed there was the official rating of the Sveriges Schackförbund or an unofficial rating of the club. I assume the former, is that correct?

  3. Yes, Chess Tactics Server is blitz, and you never should play in a slow game this way unless you are in serious time trouble. First looking for targets and then for attackers seems to be the right order to me.

    BTW after your post I consider to find a slower target spotting training method and use Chess Tactics Server only as a test to check my performance. Because I agree with the view that you do not improve with blitz, but only in playing slow games.

  4. I believe in 'no pain, no gain'. And the Chess Tactics Server isn't painful. Something like Mate Studies (convekta) is painful and to a lesser extent CT-Art. :)