Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Nalimov tablebases.

I just downloaded the Nalimov endgame-tablebase for 5-pieces.
7,5 Gb in 2 hours is about 1+ Mb/sec. Not bad.
It gives a weird effect to put in Arena a position of Euwes endgamebook and within a fraction of a second you see "mate in #21"

I read tru all pawnendings of Euwe today.
I estimate it will cost me about 5 months to master the pawnendings in the way I want.
A tempo that is.
At this moment I learn very much each day.
But it goes terribly slow. I ordered "Secrets of pawnendings" from Muller and Lamprecht. I hope that will speed things up a little. (Secrets? The book is available everywhere!)
But it's unbelievable interesting. Weird King moves are very common. I try to understand why a specific King move wins, while all others fail. I look if the same positon give the same results when it shifts a line to the right or left. Or a rank forwards or backwards. "Simple" positions costs me hours. Hours that has to be spend in the studyroom and not behind the board.

When I surf around the internet, I seem to be the only one who looks so heavy upon pawnendings. Spending hours at a position with 2 Kings and 3 pawns seems to be uncommon. Am I that stupid or are the others very fast satisfied?


  1. I actually want to study pawn-endings and rook endings too. Just not enought time right now. When I finish the circles, maybe I will take it up again.

  2. Pawn endings are very important and it is the first endgame to learn. One needs to know pawn endgames before they can effectively learn other endgames.

    You don't see it often on the net because it is "boring." There are no flashy combinations. However, endgames are important as any other game. I'm going to post two positions from a games this past weekend. Both are rook and pawn endgames and I wonder if I could have played them better.

  3. Endings are the most commonly neglected phase of the game, a systematic study is sure to reap dividends. Once I finish the circles I am going to shift my focus to mastering basic (and some intermediate) endings, I am just casually reviwing them now when I have time.

  4. I'm also interested in studying endings similarly to nezha i think i'll do it after i finish the circles :)