Saturday, June 25, 2005

Pruning the tree.

The 207 checks for playing blunder free and making use of the blunders of your opponent can be divided in 3 series of 69:
First series check your own side.
Second series check your opponents side.
Third series check your own side again after making the desired move in your mind.
This scan costed about half an hour per move.

I have simplified the scan, removed the doubles etc.
A total scan cost me now about 5 minutes per move.
I hope I can prune things further.
The scan is going really slow because I have to think everytime.
If I can find a way to train it so it will become automatic, I guess it can be done a lot faster.

First results:
Before I used this method: 35 losses in a row against the computer(6ply, G/15).
Since I use it: 2 draws (6ply,G/60)
I have to take more time to scan.
OTB: win against 1713

The game OTB showed me another way of saving time: you can scan your own position when to move and scan your opponents when he has to move.
Further I followed DLM's advice to drasticly cut down on making plans.
That costed me much disciplin, but saved me an enormous amount of time.
Time I used to scan around. . .

It's all very premature (so my big mouth has to wait patiently).
I have to work out things further and test it, so the growing pains will disappear.

Board vision.
(The lines are all straight).


  1. Nice picture, but I have enough problems playing on 8x8 boards. ;-)

  2. I think it is no problem to have a 200+ points checklist as long as you do not go through it from 1 to 200. In most cases the position will tell you what to look for. Then take your filter, and it will remain just a handful of patterns (exposed Kings, trapped pieces, pins, forks and the like). I think it is a good idea to have huge checklists stored in the brain, with ultra-fast access, plus powerful filters that tell you which of them are important in a certain situation. This is the sort of thing I try to achieve. But now I have to shut MY big mouth and go to my X-Ray Training, hehe ...

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  4. Zo zie ik mijn schaakbord nou ook altijd....

  5. 207 checks for blunders?

    Where is this list so I can memorize it?