Thursday, June 02, 2005

This might become addictive

I think I grasped the ideas of opposition, Reti manoeuvre and triangulation.
That were the 3 main ideas on pawnendings that Nunn advised to learn.
Since I restrict myself to pawnendings for now, I can lay his book aside for this moment.

Now I'm solving postitions to transform what I have comprehended to a skill.
Today I used the book of Euwe on endings.
This might become addictive! I put the positions in Arena and try to play them.

The only trouble is that chesswriters have the sadistic habit to mix extreme rare positions between common ones. So you spend lots of time on positions you will never see in practice.
But I assume in a few weeks I will have an idea of the main lines.

I have a toolbox with new tools:
  • Opposition
  • Rule of square
  • Reti manoeuvre
  • Race
  • Triangulation
  • Zugzwang
  • Stalemate

Now I have to become skilled in using the tools.
I think I will pester some FICS-players now by trading off all pieces. . .