Tuesday, June 28, 2005


Before using my new scansystem:
Computer level: 6 ply deep.

Win = 0
Draw = 0
Loss = 35

Since using my new system:

Win = 1
Draw = 6
Loss = 3

My first win. It is of course not difficult to win from a computer which is allowed to think only 6 plies deep. Make a trap on ply 7 and you win. But there is this not about.
I commit myself to scan only to avoid mistakes. I don't play chess as I would normally do in an OTB game. I train the scanningprocess.
The only plans I make are based on DLM's ideas: increase mobility, keep Queen on the board, trade pawns off, prevent castling of the opponent.
So no deep planning here.

An average game costs me about 1 hour. I hope I can bring this dramatically down. But I'm not sure yet that that is possible for me. We will see. The scanning process is a lot of work and it is easy to become diverted. But at least the scores look more sunny.

Board vision.


  1. That is very encouraging. It looks like you have a good system going.

  2. What does tussenstand mean? cool picture btw

  3. Very good and encouraging! The main source of blunders is not doing a safety scan of the own position and too much attack scans of the opponent's position. You seem to practice the other extreme now which is a very good advice.

    To Takchess: it is Dutch and means intermediate result.