Thursday, June 16, 2005

Wanna be a tactical monster?

Do you want to be a tactical beast without having to spend tons of study hours?
It is possible with the Brace-O-Maza!!
Unmarkedly to wear at every tournament.

The Brace-O-Maza contains the latest software for crushing your opponent.
New engines can be downloaded via an USB-port.
Fisheye lens to scan the board automatically for moves.
Now enhanced with the latest X-ray technology for devastating skewers!
No more time trouble!

Since you don't need to think anymore by yourself, you have plenty of time now during a game.
To prevent boredom a special copy of CT-art 3.0 can be downloaded from our website so you can solve tactical puzzles during a game!

Ships with comprehensive manual with even an extended paragraph with hundreds of credible reasons to explain why you have an arm bracing every tourney.
To give a few examples:
  • "My new bokken just arrived and I don't know how to handle it yet."
  • "I did 7 circles with CT-art and now I have RSI (repetetive strain injury)."
  • "I twisted my arm while landing a mega-trout."
  • "I just slayed 1001 warriors with a donkey-jawbone."
  • "My spouse wanted to use the computer to look up some receipts."
  • "I stumbled over a retrenchment during a brisk walk to loose some weight."
There is a Brace-O-Maza for everyone. Wouldn't that give a nice picture next tournament?


  1. LOL!

    One thing I have noticed following my 14+ hour ordeal on Sunday is that it's taken almost this whole week to recover. It's been hard to calculate much of anything this week. My brain stayed tired a long time.

  2. Hahahah! Man that was my laugh for the day. Thanks TS! Hey, is that Margriet in the picture modeling your new chess device?


  3. Hahahahahahaha. . .


    Aha. . ha. . .[snicker, giggle. . .]

    That was pretty funny. . .whew. . .

    Okay, now I'm going to whack you with my bokken. . .[grin]