Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Drawing some teeth.

To scan only the most chanceful lines, I have drawn some teeth from the rakes.
As I said in an earlier post, I combined the X-ray scan with the real scan.
I will try to explain how that works.
Basically if a rake meets my own pieces, I do a real scan.
That is to say, I'm not trying to look with X-ray eyes through my own pieces.
UNLESS my piece is in line with a hostile target.
See for example the diagram below.

Every color represents a rake.
With the blue rake I use X-ray vision, which means that I look thru the pieces as if they weren't there.
With the green rake my piece is in line with a hostile target. This means that a discovered attack might be possible. Here I use X-ray vision too. (I forgot the teeth of the green rake: d5-c6 e6-d7 f7-e8, sorry for that)
The red rake I scan with real vision, which ends at d3.

In practice, this last restriction diminishes the amount of teeth to be scanned drastically.

Exercise does speed things up:
Bishop scan was 30 seconds, now 5 seconds.
Rook scan was 30 seconds, now 7 seconds.
Queenscan was 45 seconds, now 25 seconds.
Knightscan, under construction.
Target scan, not started yet.

Today I started with the Queenscan, which is pretty tough.
On the other hand it looks very profitable. After just two hours of work the time allmost halved.
It wouldn't surprise me if all these scans together can be done in <10 seconds after a few weeks training. I'm curious what that will do to my play.


  1. So, are you training the piece scans first, and then the target scan? I would guess that would be the best way to do it. But when you actually scan in a real game, wouldn't you want to do the target scan first. Just wondering.


  2. GK,
    I just will have a look what suits me best.

  3. Your speed increase is impressive.

    By the way, do you have any problems with images? Suddenly I can't get photos uploaded. It just takes the file, but then shows a white window where I would expect some confirmation message. Probably a Windows 98 problem :(.

  4. King,
    The boost in speed has to do with the fact that there is a limited amount of rakes to be stored. For the Bishop it may be tens, for the Queen maybe a two or three hundred. When the patterns become familiar, the scanning start to become automatic.

    How far will this go? In my post about the space-time continuum, I tried to explain that a line in time can be represented by a geometrical pattern on the board. This expresses my believe that it is possible to see the whole pattern of a rake at once in stead of scanning along it's teeth. The so called popping out of patterns.
    (I'm in the phase of the experiment I like most: the speculative phase, where facts from reality don't pull me down in a brutal way yet...)

    I have the same problems with uploading images. Only sometimes it works. If it doesn't, I use the program "Hello" to upload. I use XP.