Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Keeping it simple

I try to decompose the target scan in simple skills that can be drilled seperate.
For example today I did "undefended target jogging".
That is, the computer plays against itself at a certain pace and I scan all undefended targets for the color to move.
Recently I started to relate the scans to the piece that actually moves.
This diminishes the amount of scans enormous, since I don't have to scan all possible targets, but only the ones that are influenced by the piece that just moved.
This trivial idea is really a great improvement.
Being trivial as it may, it requires a lot of focus to drill that way and to use not my usual way of looking at a position.

Two days to go to the tournaments.


  1. relate the scans to the piece that actually moves - yes, this is the point. While the opponent is thinking you have the time to keep a list of all targets and threats. After the move you just have to focus on what has changed. Of course your short time memory has to be fit. Good luck for your tournament!