Monday, July 25, 2005

Without words.


  1. Tempo,

    I went back and deleted my references to your names from an earlier blog comment, however, it was extremely easy to find them - a simple cross reference to the tourney site. If you really are interested in keeping your name separate from this blog, you may want to remove the clues you provided.

    Plus, a burglar would have to be able to read Dutch and English. . .I don't know about the Lowlands in Northern Europe, but here in the States, our burglars aren't that smart. . .[grin]

  2. Oh they are smart!

    The only time I've ever been robbed happened in Amsterdam some ten years ago. The guy was very polite, spoke fluent english and carried a pocket knife.

    - bahus

  3. I believe you are smart. But please remove that pic. Thanx. If you want to visit me, you are welcome ;)

  4. Bahus, was the conversation along the lines of:

    "Excuse me, please, sir. I really hate to impose upon you this with all this nice weather we're having here in Holland, but I'm afraid I'll have to ask you to part with your belongings. Thank you very much, and please enjoy your stay in lovely Amsterdam."

  5. Jim, it's not at all that important. If you are active on the web, privacy does no longer exist (as MT might agree). I just don't think it's a good idea that someone who types my real name into Google lands immediately on my blog. If someone gets my real name via my blog it is no problem of course. There aren't that much readers of my blog.

  6. Bahus,

    If the guy was only carrying a pocket knife, why didn't you pull out your Bowie knife and say "this is a knife!"