Thursday, August 25, 2005

Dream along.

Today my rating at CTS went for the first time beyond the 1530 mark.
I was afraid to plateau at around 1510, but that's clearly not the case.
This means that the first criterium for improvement is satisfied: it is possible to increase rating at CTS by just training every day.
The reason I could pass this mark is evident.
I start to recognize a lot of the problems due to repetition.
About 15% of the problems I have seen before, and I remember the pattern.
So I don't see any reason why my rating shouldn't improve as long as I train every day at CTS.
Until all the patterns are familiar, of course.:)
There is no mysterious development of the mind going on here, nor is a more effective thinkprocess enlightening my brains. It's just plain recognition of the problems I have done before.
The figures show an improvement of 30 points per 10,000 problems.
At a pace of 400 problems per day that means 25 days per 30 points. (Hey, isn't that about 400 points a year?. . .)

It is thrilling if the second criterium wil be met too.
Will an increase in rating at CTS result in better performance with long games?
The quality of the problems at CTS looks well enough. It are realistic looking positions.
As far as I understand it, they generate the problemset automatic.
In two weeks the chess season will start again here, so I'll know soon enough if the new acquired skills are transferable. . .
Well, my RD should be increased two points in the mean time I hope, so let's continue at CTS.

circle 0: 1470
circle 1: 1500
circle 2: 11,800 /70,000


  1. Nice trend last month. I see one point a day, just as MDLM predicts. Hope you manage to continue this pace. I am curious ...

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