Thursday, August 18, 2005

End in sight.

The end of circle 1 comes in sight.
Start rating CTS: 1470
CTS circle 1: 9,200 / 70,000
The rating wobbles 1500 +/- 25


  1. When it says you can only "reach" 10000 problems, what does that mean?

  2. Blue, that is to fit the skills of the tactician. Beyond these bounderies problems become too easy or too difficult. It represents the problemwindow you can look thru.
    If your rating moves up, the window shifts too. The total is always about 10,000 - 11,000 except in the lower regions (rating<1100) due to a finite amount of problems.

  3. I am curious, do you feel - has the circles with CTS helped you? I seem to recall blogging that I intend to solve about 5,000 problems, and you commented that it is not the optimal way (or something like that). What has brought this change of heart? - You feel you need to work more on pattern recognition!? if that is the case.. then I can say that i'm really way behind in that area

  4. I saw that you did some problems no less than 5 times or so. This would mean that a lot of other problems must still be waiting in the dark. I am always happy if I encounter a problem with RD of 350, indicating that I am going to take its virginity. Some of the 1500 with RD 350 are quite tricky!

  5. Nezha, I'll make a post of it.

    Mouse, yes that's true. This means that 7 circles with CTS is nonsense of course. But it is simple: once I recognize problems a tempo (=< 3 secs)my rating will improve and I get new problems. But 70,000 is a nice number to strive for.