Monday, August 15, 2005

No time to think.

Today I had great trouble to keep my rating at 1500+.
I never noticed before that 3 seconds is so short.
CTS circle 1: 7,900 / 70,000


  1. That's a difficult question to address. I really don't have valid arguments which method is better, freestyle or slowtempo. So we have to find out by experiment. If Bahus and you do it slow, I do the freestyle variation. My accuracy tends to 80%, which is acceptable. Since I intend to do some 70,000 problems I want to keep the pace high. Sacrifycing the element of competition with you both, alas.

  2. You would have the honor of being the first person to do the MDLM program using CTS.....

    I think it's crazy! ;)

  3. Some call it (me?) nuts, some call it crazy.

    Quotation MDLM: "You may feel faint, nauseous, and sick. Blood may start dripping from your forehead."
    He wants us to work our ass off with tactics. How will you do that without working your ass off with tactics?

    Besides that, I agree.