Saturday, August 27, 2005

Problems breeding in the dark.

CTS has released another 1000 problems these weeks, which results in a wider problem window.
The more problems we solve, the lower their RD, the more problems are released.
Life will be calling next week so I will probably not manage to do 400 problems a day.
Just now it allready sips up every spare moment.

I started with dieting. I put a lot of effort in chess improvement, so I want not my opponent to escape by an hartattack or so;)
I have done this 3 times before, but was always overtaken by the jojo-effect.
Loosing 30 kg never was a problem, but to stay that way is an entirely different matter.
Now I have found out how to tackle that problem.

My daily cycle at CTS always look a bit the same: the first 200 problems my mind doesn't work very well, the RD is relatively high, hence the drop in rating great. Then about 150 problems that my mind speeds up, my RD becomes low and my rating increases again.
The last 50 moves I get tired and my performance drops again.
Day after day I'm stunned which simple combinations I keep missing. Before I can even consider to learn chess I have to tackle this point.

circle 0: 1470
circle 1: 1500
circle 2: 12,600 /70,000


  1. It's great you're doing so many problems! I'm starting to use CTS as a training source - i'm finding it great. TCT (tasc chess tutor) is nearly memorized in my head.. so there's no point of that. For that reason and many others i like CTS :)

  2. I never have had any problems breeding in the dark! :)