Wednesday, August 17, 2005

They say I'm nuts.

CTS circle 1: 8,300 / 70,000


  1. Who says so? The ones coming to take you away perhaps? buuaaahahaha

  2. When a man's an empty kettle
    He should be on his mettle
    And yet I'm torn apart
    Just because I'm presumin'
    That I could be kind-a human
    If I only had a heart.

    I'd be tender, I'd be gentle
    And awful sentimental
    Regarding love and art
    I'd be friends with the sparrows
    And the boy who shoots the arrows,
    If I only had a heart.

    Picture me ... a balcony ...
    Wherefore art thou, Romeo?

    I hear a beat.
    How sweet!

    Just to register emotion.
    "Jealousy," "devotion"
    And really feel the part
    I could stay young and chipper
    And I'd lock it with a zipper
    If I only had a heart.

  3. Whiskey Man's my friend,
    he's with me nearly all the time
    He always joins me when I drink,
    and we get on just fine

    Nobody has ever seen him,
    I'm the only one
    Seemingly I must be mad,
    Insanity is fun
    If that's the way it's done

    Doctors say he just a figment
    of my twisted mind
    If they can't see my Whiskey Man
    they must be going blind

    Two men dressed in white
    collected me two days ago
    They said there's only room for one
    and Whiskey Man can go

    Whiskey Man will waste away
    if he's left on his own
    I can't even ring him 'cause
    he isn't on the phone
    Hasn't got a home

    Life is very gloomy
    in my little padded cell
    It's a shame there wasn't room
    for Whiskey Man as well

  4. Hmm.. taking two tournaments in a row, produces really strange effects.. (nezha scratches head two times)

  5. You are starting to make Jim look sane!

    Do you really plan to do SEVEN circles with this? If so, how many days allowed for circle 7? If you do it in one day (which comes to almost 3000 problems an hour, or about 50 problems per minute), I will send you two gifts: a chess book of your choice (under $50 to keep it affordable) and a straightjacket for Jens to keep you in....