Saturday, September 10, 2005

No presents given.

There seems to be a hierarchy in patterns in the way they are retrieved from memory.
Let's suppose there is a problem with a knightfork in the solution.
Most of the time I recognize another pattern first.
Only after I work this out and the pattern doesn't seem to fit, the knightfork comes to mind.

A certain kind of problems causes me much trouble on CTS.
That is when my king is under attack and he has different squares to go.
It always takes me lots of time to work out which square is best.
The top players at CTS must have these refuge squares stored as patterns in their mind, otherwise they can't solve these problems within 3 seconds.
That is pretty amazing.

When I work hard, I always expect to get some sort of extra bonus.
I always hope that on a certain moment, for example during my sleep, a mystic brainprocess sorts out all patterns in my head. Thus creating an unknown effiency which make me recognize patterns far more easier than before.
But that never happens.
My rating is always conform my level. Only by seeing a pattern over and over again, there is a chance that I remember it the next time I get a problem with the same pattern.
If I forget the pattern, I have just

No presents or bonus is given.
Only if I store a pattern, I get a chance to use it in the future.
Only this way rating can grow.
On the other hand there is a lot of justice in this.
Work and you will get rewarded for it.
Nobody can overtake you by working little and getting much bonus due to talent or whatsoever.
It demystifies what an expert actually is.

circle 0: 1470
circle 1: 1500
circle 2: 17,000 /70,000
Highest rating 1567


  1. My latest blindspot appears to be fianchettoed bishops.

  2. Knights are the most difficult to play against because they can literally come out of nowhere!