Friday, September 30, 2005

Seriously easy going.

Things start to become more easy now.
Probably because I have seen most problems two times at average.
The solving of problems costs less energy and becomes faster.
I had to learn to like it, but it is very enjoyable now.
Sometimes I even see the solution at a glance. You see the pieces in the edge of your eyes without seeing them. And still you know immediately what they are doing. The way you are aware of the ball with baseball without seeing it because it is to fast. (As if I have ever played baseball. BTW I saw Margriet today in a T-shirt with "Red Wings" on it. I believe it is famous in the USA. But what is it?)
Since august 31 my rating hasn't been below 1500, even in my worst moments. It is still creeping upwards.

I have played two games at the club. 1 draw after a terrible played opening.
1 win right from the opening.
The tactical exercises make me play more confident and faster. Normally I would have drawed the second game in stead of won due to time trouble in a better position.

circle 0: 1470
circle 1: 1500
circle 2: 1520
circle 3: 24,000 /70,000
Highest rating 1567


  1. More than likely it is for the Detroit Redwings a hockey team.

  2. my dad played on their minor league team in the 1950s :-)