Friday, September 09, 2005

Total malfunction.

When you happen to jump out of a plane, you must count to three and check your parachute.
Quite a few things can be wrong then.
One of them is that you look upward and you see nothing.
That is called a total malfunction.
Our instructor abbreviated that to a "total".
I don't know why I am telling you this.
Today my brains seemed to have a "total".
Maybe they are a little tired by solving so many problems lately.
I'm surprised my rating stayed still above 1500 today.
I hope my rating will not continue the free dive tomorrow.

circle 0: 1470
circle 1: 1500
circle 2: 16,800 /70,000
Highest rating 1567


  1. That last comment by Philbell is a total.

    Perhaps it's time for some spam protection Tempo :-P

    Incidentally, Tempo, did you work through the TCT books as a child or at any point in your life? Did you make it to level 10?

  2. Blogger recently released word verification to reduce comment spam issues. Several Blogger chess blogs have already enabled it. You may want to also.

  3. Txs for the advice guys.
    I set word verification on.
    Hope that helps.
    Why do I want to punish spammers?

    BD, I learned the game very young from my father.
    I have to elder brothers I played with regularly. At school we played chess every week for a few years.
    I only started about 7 years ago to play seriously (age 38)and with a rating of 1528. The first 3 years I studied ALOT in the traditional way without gaining any point at all. After 3 years I started with TCT and the growth began. I have done only the first 5 steps and step 6 partially. The difference in level between 5 and 6 is rather big. I know nothing about the higher levels, only that we have a great amount of young masters and grandmasters now in the Netherlands, due to the course.

    BTW can anybody give advice about the suffix -ly? I have forgotten what the rules are and when hesitant I use it.(or is it hesitantly?:)

  4. I had to turn on word verification ... within minutes of my first post I had comment spam :( funny thing is, with word verification on, you have to type in the verification code to post a comment on your own blog!! strange stuff