Sunday, November 13, 2005

Fallen off the earth.

So that was a nice break of blogging and study!
It was totally unplanned, it just happened.
I had studied chess for exact one year with an average of 3-4 hours a day.
I can't remember I missed a single day.

Past weeks I was engaged in other things, among them making two websites for both the choirs of Margriet. For some reason I became obsessed with embedded fonts for both MSIE and Firefox. Usually my attitude towards technology is "don't use it if it is immature". But here we have a technique that should have been mature for ages, but for unknown reasons it is not.
Anyway, there are zillions of occupations out there which are by far more silly than playing chess.

I did play my weekly games at the club though. Analizing my games, I'm more convinced than ever that CTS is the right way to go for me, so I will try to pick it up coming weeks.
We have subscribed for the ""33th cream-cheese rapid chess tournament" which starts in two weeks.
That consists of 5 G30 round robin.
I hope I will perform bad there, because that will boost my study efforts for the Corus tournament in january.

I'm not sure my unplanned break is over, but we'll see next week.


  1. WB TS. When you say "pick it up" how many problems will you be increasing it to? I already thought you were doing an insane amount of problems on CTS.


  2. PS, I didn't do a single problem at CTS the last few weeks. If I can do 100 per day again I would be satisfied.

    Mouse, thx.

  3. >>I hope I will perform bad there, ...

    Uhhhh... I am not sure what to encourage here.

    May your mistakes be instructive!?

    Good luck, and enjoy the rapid cream cheese!