Wednesday, December 14, 2005

#1 until tomorrow

I'm the #1 at CTS until tomorrow overtakes me at the end of the week!!
#1 in activity that is. With 33,712 problems solved.

The weird thing is that I have the FEELING that it goes better and better every day at CTS, while my rating doesn't show that. That has everything to do with the fact that it is impossible to me to speed up. I just MUST take my time. So I have more answers correct, but not faster. Hence my succesrate steadily increases. But that doesn't look as spectacular as rating improvement.

I'm about halfway the 7 circles now.
In earlier efforts that was the point where calculation gradually is replaced by pattern recognition.
I'm curious if the same will happen with such huge amount of problems as we have here.
When pattern recognition takes over, speeding up must be the result.
I'm VERY curious.


  1. It seems like there is too much of an emphasis on rapid pattern-matching.

    Consider these facts:

    1) there are zillions of possible chess positions

    2) Two complex positions with one minor, hardly noticeable difference
    between them ( say a pawn on h2 versus the same pawn on h3) may easily distinguish these two cases:

    a) A queen sac followed by a king hunt that mates on ply 14
    b) A queen sac followed by a realization on ply 14 that you would have mated if the pawn had been on h2, and not h3. Damn, now I'm a queen down with no compensation!

    3) The above situation is not rare.

    Pattern-matching is certainly helpful, but the more you try to replace exact calculation with pattern-matching, the more you risk
    errors in pattern-matching with bad consequences.

  2. There are still, of course many basic patterns that you _must_ know. Patterns also give you ideas which you can calculate out later ; )

  3. hello tempo -

    seems like youre still hard at work at CTS.

    At this rate, we woudnt be ableto move you to the graduate section.. =>

  4. Keep it going Tempo.

    Good luck form all the leprepawns.