Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Halfway math

Today I'm halfway the 7 circles with 35,000 done of 70,000
I'm starting to recognize the problems.
That doesn't mean that I remember always the solution, but that I realize "hey, I've seen this one before."
I have done some counting and 32 % of the problems look familiar.
The rating stays level but the succesrate has crawled up with 0.9 % to 79.9 % !
I just can't force myself to gamble so I take my time with every problem.
26 % of the problems are solved by pattern recognition alone.

The same in other words:
From the 10,000 problems in the problemwindow:
3,200 problems look familiar
2,600 patterns are stored in my system
5,400 problems I have to calculate
2,000 problems make me fail.

An increase of 0.9 % in succesrate means that I solve 90 problems more than before.

circle 0: 1470
circle 1: 1500
circle 2: 1520
circle 3: 1520
circle 4: 35,100 /70,000
Highest rating 1567


  1. Congrats on the halfway mark. This is one of the most interesting experiments yet amongst the Knights. Plus, I really, really want to put you in my 'knights victorious' sidebar....

  2. Congratulations. There may be someone even more obsessed than our own Sir Howling Belly! On the CTS server "tomorrow" is close at #2. Lookout! (hehe)

  3. King,
    that's why I posted wednesday:
    I'm the #1 at CTS until tomorrow overtakes me at the end of the week!!

    It's not a thing I'm worried about. You always find people who want to be #1 in whatever exotic occupation. If that's his only goal he will have to find a new occupation soon:)

    BTW it's obesed, not obsessed.:)

  4. good points. thank you for pointing me to this post dirk. i actually read this last week, so again, your post helps deminish my sense of isolation at CTS and allows me to feel part of a community of users.

    i never thought of doing thousands of CTS problems as one of the circles, but you are completely right. so at 13,000 problems, im at circle two there--since most of the time of practice, ive had more like 6 or 7,000 reachable. now im more at 9800.

    hope all is well, david