Monday, December 12, 2005

Review of Deep Fit

Nine month's ago my new chesscomputer did arrive.
I made a long natural selection before I ordered it.
The engine is programmed with genetic algorithms for optimal piece evalution.
"Deep Fit" is build by Darwin Evolvued LTD.

The manual gave a clear description of what to do.
The chess engine came with lots of biological stuff in Erlenmeyer flasks.
First I had to mount the craddle.
Then the different genome-rich potions had to be fertilized at the back rank of the mate-chambers.

The concoctions had to be poured in special IVF-proof glass tubes.
These had to be stored in the craddle at a temperature of 37 degrees Celsius (99 F) for nine months.
Today the nine months are over.
Conform the instruction manual I disassembled the most unfit baby-engines until two of opposite construction were left.
What is left are the most unugly ones.

The only thing what's left to do is to optimize them by adapting them to the internet.
I'm sitting for 3 hours now staring at the two.
My bottle of wine is almost empty.
For some reason I find myself in a post natal depression.
I try to reach for the internet connector.
But somehow my arm seems to be petrified. . .


  1. Hmmmm. . .I'd say something is getting a litle deep, for sure. . .


  2. Now you see it is impossible to write something funny in a foreign language:)

  3. No it's not Tempo. "Unugly" is the funniest new word I've ever heard. You've said before that you don't frequent Dutch 'coffee houses' but after this post you've got some serious explaining to do.

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  5. Heheh. Hey TS, maybe it's just me but I really like your humor. Are you a programmer too? Also, I always thought your grasp of English was quite good. I know people born in the US who can't write as well as you.


  6. PS,
    We are a little country, so foreign languages have always played a big role here. If I create a new word like "unugly" in dutch, I'm pretty sure how it will work out. But if I do the same in English, it's just a gamble. Another example: the expression "lo and behold" is presumably funny. But I don't know exactly how funny and when it's funny and when it's out of place.