Sunday, December 11, 2005


Before a break at CTS my rating hoovered around 1530.
After the break of 3 weeks, my rating nose dived to 1470
Why so extreme?

It took me a month to get back to 1530 again.
Why so long?

In the mean time my succesrate improved from 79.0 % to 79.5 %
Since it is an average over all 33,000 problems that is much.
Why so much?

Most people's OTB-rating is about 300 points higher than their CTS-rating.
Except Celtic Death, who's OTB-rating is more than 50 points LOWER than his CTS-rating.

My new approach to redo my failures by visualising them in the mind seems to work.
Why does my rating at CTS improve so slow?

There seems to be only one answer to these questions: to continue until I find out.

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  1. I think it's all a matter of pattern matching. CTS has improved my tactical skill now, such that when I read, for example, my latest chess book (Soltis' How to Choose a Chess Move) I can nearly instantly follow his logic. So, he can say "such and such doesn't work, because it allows Bxe6", and I quickly understand the tactical logic of it. It truly is like learning a new language or other technical skill. Unfortunately, it takes lots of practice and repetition to master. My particular weakness, OTB, has been a very poor (and sometimes even lazy) thought process as well as a thrill-seeker (foolhardy) approach to the game that I am only now beginning to get a handle on.