Monday, January 09, 2006

40,000 done, only 30,000 to go !!

Circle 4 is done: 40,000 problems of 70,000
My rating at CTS is min. 1500 avg. 1520 max. 1540
I started the new system at januari 1st, 2006

To a new system belongs a new prediction: I estimate that at march 1st my rating at CTS will be min. 1550 avg. 1570 max 1590. I.c. an improvement of 50 points in 2 months.

The daily workout:
Solve 120 problems at CTS
Select the 30 worst problems of those 120 for spaced repetition.
Daily # for spaced repetition is 240 (= total of 8 days)

Let's see what happens.


  1. About the ratingprogress off the Knights.

    200-250 is what I see maximum. As for GK it cant be connected to name: rapid...of adult players. I think adult means > 25 at least in that case as we can read from the article. As for GK and JavaManIssa they may have a prominent future and that tactic is very important. Java's blitz rating got his part of points. But they are young.
    As for us adult players I can say that during a year before MDLM program I got my rating from 1400 to 1800 - just 400! It was done by reading books and playing many games on FICS and solving two times 1100 very easy tactic problems during 4 days.
    Other example is my friend Powerlord on FICS. During 5 monthes of playing FICS, playing with comps, solving tactic problems and Yoga meditation he raised from 1450 to 1950. 500 points. He is 29 years old. But not using circles.
    I (and powerlord) played many many games on FICS, 10-15 standart daily. We earned experience that had influence on rating. But I see only Javamanissa playing many games. As for other knights PawnSensei somewhen told that they are so busy with tactic problems that dont play one another (that was a year ago).
    So what can I say is that solving tactic problem is the most important part of improvement, and MDLM method is very powerful, but it does not work as name sounds. I cant see any adult player that got 400 points for 400 days or is close to that goal. Does anyone think otherwise?

  2. Pomaranch,
    you are quite right.
    No one of the adult knights has gained 400 points in 400 days. And some of the knights followed the instructions of DLM to the letter.
    So we are now left with the following question: Is DLM a special gifted person, or did he fail to write down what he exactly has done to improve?
    I don't know the answer to this question, but I'm going to find out.

  3. I believe Don got 400 points, or close to it, at the end of the program.

    Great work btw.


  4. PS,
    Don improved from 1573 to 1717 which equals to 144 points.

  5. Congrats once again.

    Following on the thread, i believe thast mdlm did follow the tactical theme, but I do not believe that all that he did is presented in the book. Secondly i never believed that the system would work universally as the only evidence offered is his own experience plus that of his friend. Given that he almost certainly set out with the intention of publishing the approach (even if money wasnt foremost in this thoughts) you have to question the veracity of his assertion of points improvement given the lack of -general- evidence. The best analysis i have seen is that put forward by BDK as at least that is based on a wide population study.

    -- the approach has merit, sure but does not and cannot deliver 400 points in 400 days of that i am certain.