Thursday, February 09, 2006

The Magic Touch

I feel a bit like King Midas with the touch of gold.
Last friday at the club I tried to get an endgame.
The games at the club aren't rated, so I use them always to experiment.
My opponent had black and played the Caro Kan.
Since the Caro Kan is played by guys who want to draw with black and play for a win with white, I thought I had a good chance to get an endgame.
But since I'm not used to take much care for my pawns during the opening, he managed to grab one and to infer a double pawn at my queenside.
Oh, that greed from those materialistic guys! Can't they leave a pawn alone?
So I crushed him in 18 moves since he had forgotten to develop and his king was still in the middle.
The same happened a few times at FICS.
How on earth can I get an endgame??


  1. I am please to hear that you did pay attention to my earlier postings.

    I make sure you get the first copy of the endgame book I am writing:
    How to force a draw in a King vs King Endgame.

    Jim Takchess 8)

  2. I don't know if this helps, but I get into endgames about 20% when playing (as Black) the Petroff and QGD. Much of the time my opponent is positional, cautious, and more defensive.

  3. I'm reading Zurich 1953 and Bronstein described one game by stating that one player had such a good first and second phase to the game that there was no need for a third phase.

    So, be glad no endgame! I suppose it's like life insurance. You always want to have it (endgame knowledge), but you'd rather not use it!