Sunday, February 26, 2006


Learning pawn endings is very heavy.
There are so much things to learn.
I didn't know I knew so little.
And that there is so much to know.
I comfort myself with the thought that probably only a few people can go the same road, so I will definitely have an edge in the end(ing).
In the first place most people think that pawn endings are easy. And when they think it is, they will not put much effort in it.
And if in the unlikely case they do, they have to be prepared to work hard during a few months, without getting extra ratingpoints initially.
Because only when the knowledge is transformed to skill the reward will come.
And probably only after rook endings and other piece endings are mastered too.

It's so difficult that I have to take a break every now and then.
Then I relax by reading as much information about pawn structures as I can get.

I'm almost finished with chapter 6 of SOPE. Only 3 to go for the very basics.
And then: repeating, learn by heart, and doing as much pawn problems as I can get for a month or two.
And then the more complicated stuff, chapter 10-16.
But for now, one step at the time.


  1. SOPE is a great book. I wish I had time to spend with it, but these days I'm just working on time management and other basic stuff. I know the simple pawn endings well enough, but boy can they get complicated fast!

  2. Sounds deep.

    >>...I didn't know I knew so little

    I bet I know less!