Friday, March 17, 2006

Brushing up the confidence.

To brush up my confidence here a few other examples of simple pawn endings misplayed by the masters. Can you do it better?

diagram 1 Antsigin - N. Zhuravliov USSR 1952

White to move.
White resigned here in drawn position!

diagram 2 Berger - Mason Breslau 1889

White to move
White played here 1. Ke4?? and lost the drawn position

diagram 3 I. Rogers - E. Levi Canberra 1996

Black to move.
Black played here 1. ... b5?? and lost the drawn game.


  1. In diagram one, you just make sure to keep the black king boxed in and you can't lose

    1. Kf2 2.Kh1 Kf1 If he pushes the pawn you take it, otherwise just keep the opposition and don't let the Black King grab g1.

    Is there something I am missing? This looks too simple. How could a GM possibly foul this up? What am I missing?

  2. Funky, you are missing the fact that Stalin told White to give black the full point.

  3. Those first two are pretty easy, but the third takes awhile to calculate. I figured Black had to immediately threaten to run to the corner and that forced White to take appropriate measures. It's a little more work to realize that in that move White takes his King out of the Black pawn's "square".

    Nice examples.

  4. King, you are right. Black must step in the square of the the white pawn. Both 1.Kd7 or 1.Kd6 will do the job.
    1.Kd8 is forbidden, because in that case white queens with check in the remaining pawn race.