Monday, March 27, 2006

Lucena and Philidor

Today I studied Lucena's and Philidor's positions.
It is all very basic and simple.
The weird thing though is that I read a 3-page article of Jeremy Silman about Philidor's position and there were quite a few errors in his analysis. Since I use the Nalimov tablebace this appears to be common among endgame authors.

Indeed with a day or two studying the very basics of rook endgames a big step forward can be made. Once you know what to study, that is.
In some way rook endings feel somewhat more familiar to me than pawn endings. The area is very broad though. I'm glad I finally started with it.

I like to end with an encouraging citation of John Nunn - Secrets of practical chess.
"The ability to play rook and pawn endings well is a great distinction between a master player and a club player. In simultaneous displays, it is noticable how the club players routinely lose completely equal rook endings, and how easely a master manages to escape with a draw from lost rook endings."

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