Wednesday, July 19, 2006

A cumulative effect?

june 12th I reached a new record at CTS, a rating of 1564.
july 12th I reached 1567
july 19th I reached 1596
Since last week I haven't scored below 1564 at all.

So things are definitely going better at CTS.
Is there some cumulative effect at work? That would be the first time that it works in an upwards direction!
Or is it just a statistical anomaly you can expect every now and then when doing so much problems?


  1. dirk, in "systems theory", it is, i think, simply what is called "critical mass". in a round about way, this is also what i tried to write of tonight on my post.

    lots of layers of application accrete into a system, and, instead of turning chaotic, at some point a new order makes a "Becksonian Leap", appropos Henry Bergson's Creative Evolution, was it called... or what Gregory Bateson in Ecology and Nature calls type III learning.

    You know all this, better than me, but nice to hear reflections from the community, or "community of knowledge", it can also be called.

    greetings some the Emrald City. No pun intended. What Seattle is called, since our landmark spaceneedle is green at night, by its paint color AND lighting. david

  2. sometimes things just 'click'. I had a similar bumb from 1420 to 1480 in two days. I had done around 32 000 problems back then, so it wasn't about me suddenly getting familiar with CTS.

    I almost reached you at 1530-40, but then you had this latest leap of yours. :)

  3. I go with the "click" theory. My CTS rating often plateaus then spikes. It also correlates strongly with my OTB strength, so I don't think it's just a statistical anomaly. I track it all in Excel so I have a general picture of my progress from the beginning.