Sunday, July 02, 2006


At CTS I have a Rating-max of 1564
My Rating-min is about 1520
I'm speaking about low RD's meaning high probabilities.

There seem to be two brainprocesses that are important when problem solving.
  • Pattern recognition
  • Calculation/evaluation/decision making
Pattern recognition always operates at lightning speed. "within 3 seconds". "a tempo".
Rating-max is dependant on your pattern recognition.

The decision making part of the brain is highly influenced by what I like to call the "viscosity of the brain". This thickness is sensitive to sleep, alcohol, tiredness, illness, coffee, exercise and presumably, doping.
The thicker your brain, the lower the speed of operation of this brainprocess.
This viscosity makes at what level you perform between Rating-max and Rating-min.
It's "the form of the day".
BTW, did you know that Max Euwe experimented with amphetamines for better performance?
Now you know what maximum effect you can expect from doping.
200 exercises at CTS will do about the same.

Training at CTS has as goal to transfer the things that you do now with the calculation-part of the brain to the pattern recognition-part of the brain. So from short term memory to long term memory.

Since the Tour de France has begon I thought it would be appropriate to say something about doping;)
BTW I'm not quite sure when to use the word "drugs" and when "doping"


  1. 'Dope' usually applies to illegal drugs.

    This article on fMRI in novice vs expert players looks interesting, though I have only read the introduction.

  2. The link posted by blue devil knight isn't working at the moment.

  3. Blue, I also read the article. And I also want to thank you for the link. It is quite remarkable that you found an article about a scientific study that comes so close to matching the subject matter Tempo discussed in his post.

    I'm not surprised that this scientific research reached conclusions that are consistent with what Tempo said in Tempo's second and fourth paragraphs of his post entitled, Doping.

    Tempo, you said that doing 200 excercises on CTS will have an effect that we might compare with dopting. I don't disagree there is something to be gained from warming up on CTS. But in my experience of doing 200 consecutive problems on CTS, fatigue enters into the equation at some point during the latter half of a 200 problem session An examination of my session history usually shows my rating declines at the end of such a long session, presumably because of fatigue.

    One idea to stave off fatigue is to consume caffeine. I normally drink non-caffeinated pepsi. But in the future, I might try drinking some caffeinated pepsi before doing a long session on CTS.

    Perhaps somebody can leave a post in reply to this one and tell us if they ever consumed caffeine before or during a chess tournament or a session on CTS?