Monday, July 03, 2006

A great program

PCT is a great program.
So far I did the following:
Tac-01 unit-13
End-01 unit-5
Str-01 unit-5
Total: 509 exercises done.

I intend to do at least one unit a day per area and as much tactics as I like.
The endgames are going terrible. I just hang on to increase familiarity.
The strategy exercises are sometimes a little questionable. But maybe that's why I'm not a grandmaster:)
The automatic (spaced) repetition of exercises is great!

Margriet has done about the same amount at PCT.

1 comment:

  1. I did some time ago the first tactical module (TAC1) and found it fairly easy. The second module is similar but already significantly harder. Almost all problems on TAC2 are still aiming at checkmate (but would win material if opponent would defend properly).

    I also started END1 but it took a LOT more time. I had to change the time per problem so that I could calculate what the heck was going on.

    All in all the PCT prblems are very good and educational. My only (slight) complain would be that the solutions are often rather crude (the opponent missing a mate in one etc.).

    - bahus