Sunday, August 20, 2006

60,000 down, 10,000 to go!!

60,000 done at CTS, 10,000 to go. If I should stop at 70,000, that is.
But since things are going very well at CTS, I want to continue.
I reached a new all time high of 1618.

Rating avg
Rating max

july 21540156470
aug 3
aug 20

There is continuous growth.


  1. why stop while there are problems to be mastered, right? :)

    btw, I've wondered about this for some time: how do you calculate your average rating?

  2. Worm,
    it's a conservative estimation. I take my max and min rating within a week, take the middle and round off downwards. Rtg max=1618; Rtg min=1580; Rtg mid=1599; Estimated rtg avg=1590.

  3. Wow. You have been the second most active CTS user of the world for quite a time. Nice rating, too. Guess it will not be easy to become number one in frequency if clyk continues to be the top freak of CTS. I look forward to see how this will translate to your OTB performance. Any tournament plans in the near future?

  4. Mouse,
    it is still vacation time here. The first rated games will be in october. Due to the silly updates of the ratinglist in Holland, it will not be before may 1, 2007 that I will know the official new rating. But I will keep you informed about the results of my games.

    For now I try to gain as much as possible at CTS before october.

  5. i repsectfully need to say there that is impossible to compare the 92,000 student 'C', and senior student-teacher Tempo at 60,000. one has a rating that is nearly unchanged, and the other growing. one a rather 'hasty' 63%, another at a concerted and strategically balanced 80.3%.. awesome. congrats. yes, after hiking all day, i came in late and did some CTS and at the end noticed your 60k. you lead the way to all of us!

    i don't mean this to be unkind, but the honest truth is, is that nearly a monkey can type 90,000 characters and get a word sounding like Shakespeare in two years of hitting keys. 63%? to what use???? no.

    i am only a few days from 84.0%, currently 83.9053. my approach relates to yours, just a different angle. i will hit 85.00% 25,000 by 31dec, and most days get 12f/100 = 88%. i need 8100 tries at 87.284% and i will be there.

    you have been more than clear in articulating how % does not concern you, but fine all the same. :)

  6. tempo said...
    Due to the silly updates of the ratinglist in Holland, it will not be before may 1, 2007 that I will know the official new rating.
    How slow!

    Here in the United States, when I play in a USCF tournament, I can go online the following day after the tournament and see the results and see what my new 'current' (up-to-date) rating is. Albeit, my 'current' (up-to-date) rating results are not the same as my official rating when I play in several tournaments in the same month. My official rating doesn't officially change more than once every two months when the bi-monthly rating supplement is published.

    Even though it is officially incorrect, the word, Holland, is often used by both Dutch and foreign people (especially English speaking people) to denote the entire Netherlands, possibly because "The Netherlands" ("Nederland" in Dutch) is more cumbersome. In the United States, when I see or hear the word, Holland, I usually don't know if the speaker means the Holland region or the entire Netherlands. Likewise, I don't yet know how to interpret Tempo's usage of the word, Holland. This is the first time I have ever seen Tempo use the word.

  7. To mousetrapper:
    Recently, you have caught up to me in total number of problems attempted on the CTS server. And you are setting such a fast pace on the CTS server in terms of the number of problems you attempt per day. I have to stop and catch my breath just to keep up with you!

    And I do feel compelled to keep up with you. I don't know why this is; but I can suggest one possibility. Perhaps we could attribute this to my ego.

  8. Space,
    Ratings are processed by finished tournaments. Since two regional tournaments I'm playing last 7 and 5 months starting respectively in october and november, and the ratings of finished tournaments are processed only 4 times a year, I can agree with you. How slow!

    It's correct, I have never used the word "Holland" before in my blog. The reason for that is that I had a low esteem of the geographical knowledge of American tourists, who tend to "do Europe" in one week or so.
    I remember very well an American lady, who poked her head out of the train in Amsterdam and asked me "is this Bruxelles?".

    To avoid confusion I didn't use it. But since you give the impression it is not an un unknown name in the US, I will start to use it.
    If we Hollanders speak about "Holland" we are in 98% of the cases talking about "The Netherlands" and not about the region.

  9. ' space:

    you are the one that i am trying to catch. :). but i cannot. still a nice idea. great to see you here. i had a head injury ten days ago, so had to really cool my jets, and just getting back to my 100+ a day again. i am plan on getting to 20,000 by 15 sept, and 30,000 by 31dec, but mostly focused on % success so, you sir, are the big dog for me.

    thank you for good comments at CTS and when appropriate, previous kind support GREATLY APPRECIATED.

    warmly, david