Saturday, September 16, 2006

The season has begun

The Dutch chess season has begun. Every week we go to our club to play an unrated game G120.
Today I drawed against our club champion who has a rating of 1965. Our styles don't match. I can never get grip on his position, while he can't stand my unorthodox openings. Every year it is getting tougher for him to beat me. I have more draws against him than losses lately. But I never managed to win. He used to have a rating of 2200, but he is slightly going backwards each year.


  1. Good luck for your games and turneys to come. I hope you'll profit from the huge efforts you made at CTS.

  2. Hey, it's dutch. So where's the game? And WTF is up with posting comments at your blog? All of a sudden i have to fill in a username etc. etc. to post a comment. I tried using my blogger username which is an option as well, but it keeps saying that they can't find such an account.

  3. Finally some action around here! I'm really looking forward to reading about the tournaments coming up. Good luck Tempo!