Monday, October 09, 2006

Today I had contact with the webmaster/programmer of again.
Chesslog is the site where I host my games at the moment.

I think the idea of his site is very good, but there are some bugs around which are very annoying or making it allmost impossible to use the site.
The webmaster is willing to solve those problems and is working on it. He is struggling with a new computer though, so he needs some time.

This is the status of the bugs:

Arena-pgn gave double move numbers - fixed
Deeplinking to individual games - fixed (see the link below for example)

Pawn not removed after en passant - working on it
Cookie fehlt/invalid session - Update: ***FIXED***!!!

I assume he doesn't mind if you report other bugs you encounter directly to

since he encourages that on his site.

Blue Devil asked me what consumed my time during my last game (example direct linking)

I have taken a look where I have spent my time on.
This were my time consuming moves:

5. Be2 pure positional (scope: min 8 ply ahead)
9. Kh1 pure positional (min 5 ply ahead)
11.Bxf3 pure positional (7 ply)
13.b3 pure positional (6 ply)
14.Bb2 defensive tactical sanity check (9 ply)
15.Rae1 force positional plan with tactical means (7 ply)
17.e5 force positional plan with tactical means (8 ply)

Move 20-23 In search for the tactical killer blow, which I didn't find.

I haven't drawn any conclusions yet.


  1. I also sent Martin a polite note. Four of my games uploaded perfectly, but my fifth only uploads if I strip out all my annotations.

  2. The problem with the cookie/invalid session is solved now. Martin proved to be very cooperative. I'm very happy with that.

  3. martin also fixed it so you can link to a specific game