Friday, October 13, 2006

Congratulations Kramnik!

We have a new undisputed word champion for 2006.
I'm glad it is Kramnik.
Since that means that the discussion is over.
We even can say that the chess world is united again.
Gens una sumus.


  1. Its great news isint it. You have to think its a kind of natural justice, given what has gone on.

    Respect to both competitors, and congrats to Kramnik, the winner

  2. Good news indeed. Hopefully we'll see a rematch next year.


  3. i dont see Topy winning any popularity contests any time soon... he is out of Mexico City, and he will be 'broiling' inside for years. another good english word is 'seathing'.

    Mig, Daily Dirt:
    October 13, 2006

    "KKRRRRrrrrrramnik Wins!

    "Sorry, you might not really appreciate the title if you're not a NY Yankees fan. But you get the point. Vladimir Kramnik defeated Veselin Topalov – twice – to become the first unified world chess champion since Garry Kasparov in 1993. Kramnik won rapid games 2 and 4 to take the tiebreaker 2.5-1.5, ending any controversy about forfeits and plumbing and protests. The lawyers will have to sheathe their quills for a little while, at least.

    I wouldn't go as far as saying Kramnik played the better chess in the match. He won the first two games in rather fortuitous fashion. But these matches are always about nerves and Topalov was obviously jittery at the start. They both played mediocre defense in the second half. Topalov scored two wins with remarkable ease before being blown away himself in game 10. Of course it had to go to tiebreaks, just out of sheer obstinancy. Kramnik dominated the rapid set. He was overpowering with white and had superior positions early with black in the other two games. Nerves? Karma? Justice? My prediction that he would win the tiebreak? Who knows?

    I don't know if the better player won today. But looking back over the past few weeks I'd have to say that the better man certainly did. Hail the new and improved world champion! Or, dare I type it, hail the new World Champion!

    Anyone else ever beaten the clear world #1 in match play twice in a lifetime? Mebbe Botvinnik's rematch wins over Smyslov and Tal? Anyway, phenomenal achievement."

  4. Ah sweet justice. The Bulgarian goes slithering back to his cave. Good riddance. He lost the match and his honor. A great day for chess.

  5. The chess world united? After what happened in this match? Not by a long shot.

  6. Pale,
    Right is something crooked that is bent.