Tuesday, October 24, 2006

How I keep grandmasters alive

Patrick inspired me to have a look at the unread books in my library.
Although I have read 80% of my chess books, most of them more than once, there are a few books that I bought to sponsor poor grandmasters and forgot to read.
Now I have to do some reading to improve my strategy, what do you suggest?
BTW, if you suggest something that's not on the list, expect an E-mail bomb!

List of unread books.

Alexander Alekhine
My Best Games of Chess 1908-1923

Alexander kotov
Play Like A Grandmaster
Think Like A Grandmaster
How To Become A Grandmaster

Angus Dunnington
Can You Be a Positional Chess Genius

Chess Middlegames - Essential Knowledge

Winning Pawn Structures

Bent Larsen
Good Move Guide

Bobby Fischer
My 60 Memorable Games

David Bronstein
Zurich International Chess Tournament 1953

A Primer of Chess
A Primer of Chess 2
Chess Fundamentals

Logical Chess
Chess Strategies And Tactics

Fred Reinfeld
Chess for amateurs - How to improve your game
Hypermodern Chess
Lasker's Greatest Chess Games
Chess Mastery By Q&A

Jacob Aagaard
Excelling At Positional Chess

James Mason
The Principles

Jeremy Silman
How to Reassess Your Chess
Reassess your chess workbook

Kasparov Teaches Chess
My Great Predecessors 1-4

Psychology In Chess

Lev Alburt
Comprehensive Chess Course
Comprehensive Chess Course - Vol. 2

Ludek Pachman
Modern chess stategy

Mark Dvoretsky
School For Future Champions
Strategic Play

Edward Lasker
Chess Strategy
Just The Facts
Chess Master Secrets
Chess for Match Players
Secrets of Positional Chess

CHOD Alexander
The Penguin Book of Chess Positions
The Project Gutenberg Ebook Of Chess Strategy

My System

Bruce Pandolfini
Learn from the New Champions

Masters Of The Chessboard

Tim Harding
Better Chess for Average Players

Yasser Seirawan
Inside Chess By Yasser Seirawan
Winning Chess Strategies

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  1. Well, I can tell you what to do with the Silman books [grin]

  2. Bronstein book or alekhine book would be my choice to learn basic strategy ideas in the framework of a complete master game

  3. Definitely My Great Predecessors 1-4 by Kasparov. And don't forget to buy part 5 on Korchnoi and Karpov.

  4. Bronstein and Dvoretsky books helped me a lot.