Sunday, October 29, 2006

Impressed by Karpov

I'm working my way thru Seirawan's Winning chess strategy. There I bumped into a game of Anatoly Karpov that impressed me very much. The approach of Karpov is crystal clear from the opening to the endgame. I like this game so much that I decided to study the games of Karpov.

So that's a beginning. I know who's games to study. Now I have to find a good annotator who comments the games of Karpov to my likings. According to Murphy's Law the book of Kasparov "My great predecessors vol 5" treats the games of Karpov, but that's the only book from the series that I don't have!
I'm going to read another volume of the series so that I can see if I like the way Kasparov annotates.

If you look at my treatise of the King's gambit you see that I approach that opening actually very positional. So maybe I'm a positional player after all!
With 3.5 years study of tactics under the belt I think I have a good basis for the next step.
Besides the study of games I keep doing exercises, since I strongly belief that's the way to come any further. But it will be positional exercises.
Those are more difficult to obtain than tactical exercises, but PCT is a good start with 720 positional problems. Further I think of Strategy 2.0 from Convekta.
So CTS will be on the backburner, just to get into in shape for special events.


  1. If you like the style of Karpov (and I do too), I would recommend MGP III on Petrosian. His style is similar, altough Karpov uses more pressure in his games, whereas Petrosian is more a defensive player. Part V is a good book anyway and is now my favorite out of all the five parts.

  2. Convetka have this book "My best 300 games" by Anatoly Karpov,commented by the autor.They dont have good review of the book on ther site.But probably its worth the money.

  3. The best annotator on Karpov's games is Karpov himself. I always enjoyed his annotations on his own games in New in Chess (when he was still playing top around 1994)