Friday, October 20, 2006

Slow down

As J'adoube pointed out, slow is better.
That's why I started to focus on accuracy at CTS lately as user Slowtempo.
I don't mind how fast (slow) I go. Currently I have an accuracy of 96.6%

On the one hand you need a lot of disciplin to slow down.
On the other hand it's surprising that there appears to be a minimum speed at which you can go.
If I try to move slower, my hands just take over and make the move.
When that happens the move is always good.
I believe this automatic moving to be a very good sign.

From time to time I lose focus.
Until I get hammered by an error. If I have a streak of 90 correct solved problems in a row, than making a mistake feels really as if I got hit. It has a pretty emotional effect. As if you fell asleep on the road and suddenly awake at the wrong side.
I believe that this emotion helps to remember when I redo the problem.

My rating hoovers between 1300 and 1360. That is a clear indicator how well the patterns are nailed down in procedural LTM.
It's evident there is a lot of work to do before I get a reasonable level of performance.

Further I do a strategic unit of PCT every day. Which is nice.

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