Sunday, October 29, 2006

Still going strong

PCT is still going strong.
Strategic module 1/3
Unit 36/51
Unique problem studied: 239
Unique problems learned (=repeated 6 times): 157

The approach is quite nice. First you get a problem of a certain middlgame position, and you have to solve the positional point in it. Later you get a penultimate position and have to solve that. Other problems seem to be extracted from the same game, but a few moves back or forward.
I don't know if that continues, but if so, you get a complete middlegame from one game. Which is a very intensive and original approach to follow a mastergame move by move.

PCT revealed some misunderstandings by me. For instance I always thought it was better to occupy a half open file than a complete open file with a rook. But that's only sometimes the case.
These miscomprehendsions stem from the books of Euwe, who always put more emphasis on the exceptions than on the common rules. Out of anxiety to be not complete

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